End of assignment: Reflection and continuation

Today is the submission date for this blog, which I set up as part of a Geography Environmental Pollution module that I am taking in NUS. On the whole, this blogging exercise has taught me many things. I have realised the importance and benefits of self-learning, and that noting down the information and content learnt (in the form of a blog, or any prose forms), can be a revision for me to synthesise what I have learnt so far in my NUS undergraduate career.

In this blog, I have tried to use diagrams and videos to make the blog more interesting, and have applied knowledge that I have learnt from other seemingly unrelated modules. I think my blogging skills have improved quite a bit from when I started till now. I will strive to maintain this blog, since so much effort has been put into it.

It is unfortunate that I didn’t comment (virtually) on my classmates’ blogs, but I did learn quite substantially from theirs, and tried incorporating their points/ seek inspiration from their posts.

I will continue blogging, especially since I didn’t manage to blog about aquatic-farming, blue revolution and their environmental impacts and pollution.

Seeya soon!


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