Summary of the Monoculture Farming

In today’s post, I will summarise what I have learnt in this semester’s blogging experience.

Environmental Pollution impacts include:

  1. Soil contamination through the tranformation of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals used to ensure that the monoculture remains pest and disease-resistant
  2. Water pollution in the form of Eutrophication (anthropogenic) which can cause;
  3. Waters and ocean acidification. For the impacts of ocean acidifcation, please refer to Stephano’s blog “Save the Oceans”. He focused on ocean acidification and has thoroughly discussed the impacts.
  4. The geographies to eutrophication
  5. Soil and ground water contamination of Nitrate and its health impacts
  6. Air pollution and Climate change due to the reduction of carbon sinks with deforestation.
  7. Health impacts on farmers, consumers and the vulnerability of children and infants

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