In Retrospect: Singapore’s high-tech urban farms must not use LED light bulbs (1)

Rounding up the 2 thread of posts on the “Light Fantastic” and “AFN in Singapore”, I wish to explore if LED light-bulb usage in the high-tech farms in temperate regions is applicable to Singapore’s context. This post is inspired by Gabriel’s post “Our Energy Futures II” on the Grid integration. We have learnt about this last semester in GE2230: Energy’s future.

Aforementioned in the “Light Fantastic”, LED lightbulbs are more efficient than the traditional fluorescent lightbulbs, and thus consuming less electricity. Indeed, seen in the diagram below, LED consumes the least electricity, compared to other lightings to produce the same level of brightness.

However, we want to ask ourselves, where does the electricity come from? If there are no carbon production at the point of producing the food crops, does that mean that there are no production and emission of carbon when consuming the energy needed to maintain the farms?

This is when I’ll like to draw reference to Gabriel’s post, on grid integration in the UK. Renewable and green energy is the hype after oil peaked, and that coal and natural gas will peak soon. Not to mention the environmental impacts of carbon fuels. The integration of renewable energy into the national grid to generate electricity to power the UK is the first step to reducing the carbon emission and thus greenhouse effect. This means a reduced reliance and consumption of carbon-powered electricity. Thus, so long the LED lights used in High-tech farms are powered via the electricity generated from (or solely) from renewable sources, the “Light Fantastc” then truly presents itself as an AFN that is environmentally equitable and friendly.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned!.


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